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Are you tired of feeling like you have to hold it together all of the time?

You’ve always been the strong one, the go-to support for your friends and family. From the outside, it seems like you have it all figured out: a good job, fulfilling relationships, and the love and support from the family you’ve always dreamed of.

But behind that smile, there is a void and an underlying current of dread and anxiety. You struggle with feeling truly seen and connected in your relationships. You want to quiet that critical inner voice that tells you nothing is ever enough, that you are not enough. You push it all down and forge on, giving so much of yourself until you are left feeling exhausted and empty. You’ve hit your limit.

You want to be free from anxiety, the pressure of holding it all together, and that nagging critical voice. You are ready to feel more confident and connected with yourself and others. It’s time to take care of you, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

You've come to the right place.

Hi! I’m Dr. Shara, and I can help. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to help you feel heard and seen, supporting you in your journey toward healing and personal growth. Through EMDR therapy, we will examine how important events and relationships in your past may be resurfacing in your present beliefs, relationships, and patterns of behavior. We will identify how some of these patterns may be holding you back or contributing to feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, or empty. Together, we will develop tools and resources to help you feel more grounded, calm, and confident, enabling you to feel more connected to yourself and your relationships.

EMDR Specialties

EMDR Therapy

I use EMDR therapy to help individuals process and recover from traumatic memories by guiding them through eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation. This approach is effective in treating conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and phobias, helping you reframe distressing experiences into more manageable and adaptive mental states. EMDR therapy is a powerful tool for healing from trauma, allowing you to move forward with a renewed sense of peace and well-being.

EMDR Intensives

It can be very difficult to find high-quality supervision to make sure you are getting the necessary training and skills needed to handle your caseload effectively. I offer individual and group supervision, where you will receive expert guidance on complex cases, gain insights into ethical and clinical dilemmas, and ensure adherence to best practices, ultimately improving the quality of care you provide to your clients. If you are looking for Clinical Supervision, contact me to get started.

EMDR Consultation

I can help you achieve EMDRIA certification and enhance your clinical skills in treating complex trauma. I’ll help you integrate EMDR therapy seamlessly into your existing practice, complementing and enhancing other therapeutic methods used with children, families, couples, and individuals. EMDR therapy not only relieves symptoms but also promotes growth and change, leading to deeply satisfied clients who often refer others, thereby fueling the growth of your practice.

An Integrative EMDR Approach

Therapy for Trauma

EMDR therapy is like a mental rewire for trauma, using things like tapping or eye movements to help your brain sort through tough memories. It can dial down the emotional punch those memories pack and give you better ways to handle them. It can help address underlying issues like substance abuse, sex addiction, and negative beliefs.

Therapy for Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, EMDR therapy tackles those racing thoughts and jittery feelings head-on. It helps you process what’s causing the anxiety, so you can feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Treatment is also known to help with depression, panic disorder, and certain phobias. Find understanding, resolution, and clarity.

Therapy for Self-Esteem

Working on self-esteem with EMDR therapy is like giving your self-image a makeover. It helps you swap out those negative thoughts about yourself with more positive ones, so you start feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Address the underlying issues that leave you feeling disconnected, depressed, and emotionally spent. 


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Therapy for Therapists

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You don’t have to continue doing this alone and pretending to have it all figured out. It’s time to take care of you.

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I specialize in working with women with a history of trauma who are struggling with anxiety and self-esteem to stop feeling empty and self-critical and to feel more confident, calm, and connected with themselves and their relationships.

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